About the Diocese

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo is as vast as it is diverse. We have 163 parishes and missions, utilizing 197 worship sites. We have 34 Catholic elementary schools, 12 Catholic high schools and seven Catholic colleges and universities. The diocese is also home to four Catholic Hospitals.

One of the significant ministries of the diocese is Catholic Charities which meets the needs of almost 152,000 Western New Yorkers each year. Catholic Charities of Buffalo helps people of all ages, races, faiths and walks of life every day. Professional staff members are available to listen, and begin to assess needs in a responsive and compassionate manner. Catholic Charities strives to empower individuals, families, children and couples to live healthy and meaningful lives.

Catholic Health brings together the strengths and talents of more than 9,000 full and part-time associates, and 1,600 physicians under one health care ministry that stretches across all areas of Western New York. One of the fundamental reasons for the creation of Catholic Health and its member organizations was to ensure that the health care needs of the community are met in keeping with the mission, vision, and values of our religious sponsors. Ongoing efforts provide the community with easy access to a wide range of high-quality health care services enhanced by our deep reverence for life.

Through our parishes, Catholic schools, Catholic Charities, Catholic Health and countless other ministries, the Diocese of Buffalo lives out a mission of charity and service each and every day in the eight counties of Western New York.