Asian Ministry


Mission is to address the social, economic and spiritual concerns of all persons of Asian ancestry. To promote leadership, foster evangelization, and address issues of racial injustice through emphasis on family and education programs and come up with an Asian Pastoral Plan.


Person should be a person of faith, with a dedication to their Church. Enthusiasm for their ministry is a must. The Diocesan Commission member requires a commitment of time and energy, along with a desire to grow and learn throughout the year. The abilities to communicate clearly and work cooperatively in a group are necessary for the success on the Commission. Open to being discerned to be on the Cultural Diversity Network.

Roles & Responsibilities


  • To officially represent their culture in our Diocese.
  • To represent the Commission at various activities that is sponsored by the Office of Cultural Diversity, Diocesan or joint efforts of the parishes.
  • Commission members are expected to live by Catholic values in all aspects of their lives.


  • To become part of a faith-filled group that works effectively together by actively participating at the Commission meetings.
  • The Commission members will meet at least once every three months as part of the Commission and sometimes participate as leaders for various committees that may be formed to do the work of the commission.
  • Commission members will participate in a retreat and planning day.
  • If discerned to be on the Cultural Diversity Network Team member they will also meet monthly with the other members of the Cultural Diversity Network and the Director of the Office of Cultural Diversity.
  • Two unexcused or four excused absences are grounds for dismissal from the Commission. To participate in programs sponsored by the Diocesan Office of Cultural Diversity.
  • To encourage others in the Diocese to participate in Diocesan, Vicariate and parish activities.


  • To speak for the needs of the people at the meetings and to the Office of Cultural Diversity and the various Departments of the Diocese for which the issue is concerned.
  • To encourage people to live their Catholic values by communicating through personal contact, the Western New York Catholic newspaper, and special mailings.
  • To participate, when directed on various boards for the Diocese or special interest groups.


  • To help people of the Diocese to exchange information and learn from each other on a regular basis.
  • To share information, plans, ideas and concerns among parishes and between parishes and the Office of Cultural Diversity.
  • To establish consistent, regular communication with parish youth and/or adult leaders in your community.
  • To report about activities in your community at each of the Commission Meeting.
  • To communicate and work with the Office of Cultural Diversity staff.


  • To plan and implement activities of the Office of Cultural Diversity.
  • To assist in planning and implementing activities among parishes or vicariates and coordinate those plans with the Diocesan Office of Cultural Diversity.
  • To coordinate any activities and meetings in your vicariate.