Buffalo Diocesan Liturgical Commission

Mission and Purpose

Under the commission of the Bishop, the Buffalo Diocesan Liturgical Commission (BDLC) exists to wisely apply within our diocese knowledge gained through scholarly study of liturgical theology and praxis in order to promote a fuller, deeper, richer participation in the liturgy for all the faithful. As an advisory body to our Bishop, the BDLC assists in guiding the liturgical life in our parishes and Catholic institutions.

The commission is led by a core group of liturgical scholars and is assisted in its work by consultants with knowledge and expertise in liturgical theology and praxis. The BDLC collaborates with the Diocesan Office of Divine Worship in providing workshops, programs and consultation to promote the liturgical life in our diocese. At the present time the Commission, working with the Office of Worship, is primarily devoted to the study of the Third Edition of the Roman Missal and its reception and implementation in our diocese.

The commission may be contacted through the Diocesan Office of Worship at (716) 847-5545.