Support the Office of Communications

Give to the 2019 Catholic Communication Campaign


The annual Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC) took place in parishes across our diocese June 8-9, but we still welcome your support.  The CCC supports both the diocesan Office of Communications and the national communications office at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (a 50/50 split).

The role of the Office of Communications is to share the Gospel, and news about happenings in the diocese, with the community and the public at large.  The diocesan Office includes:  the Western New York Catholic (which appears in print and on-line), the diocesan website ( and our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube). Each of these allows us to reach everyone in our community in a very relevant way.  When you look at the scope of work created from this office, it is amazing and we are truly humbled to serve in this role. 

Additionally, the Office interacts with the media (radio, TV and print – local and national) on a daily basis fielding calls, setting up interviews, sending out press releases, responding to lots of questions about the abuse crisis, pro-life issues and healthcare, just to name a few.  The diocesan website has live-streamed press conferences and offers links to a variety of important things, such as parish and school locaters.  It also offers regular updates on social media and daily/weekly special video projects about saints, Easter lambs, the environment, and the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.  From the serious to the lighthearted, the Office of Communications, including the Western New York Catholic aims to put forth information on things happening in our diocesan family.

Public support means the Office can continue to carry out its ministry through these various mediums.  Supporting the campaign will help the department moving forward in the improvements it plans to make, including a more user-friendly website and fully digitizing the Western New York Catholic.


There are three ways you can make a gift:

  1. In your parishes second collection, the weekend of the Campaign
  2. By mail:  Diocese of Buffalo, Office of Communications, 795 Main St., Buffalo, N.Y. 14203.  Make checks payable to: Diocese of Buffalo (write Catholic Communication Campaign on memo line)
  3. Online:  on the diocesan website in the top right corner and click on GIVE TODAY, follow prompts

Even though the campaign has ended, your gifts of support to the Office of Communications are always welcome.  Thank you for your prayers and generous heart!