Parish Catechesis

The diocesan Office of Worship is dedicated to providing support as well as pastoral and spiritual resources for parish worship. In the spirit of renewal of the Second Vatican Council, it encourages the full, conscious and actualizing participation (interior and exterior) of the people of God at sacred worship (CSL1963, 14; GIRM2002, 3). Our prayer and daily efforts serve the revitalization of parish life in the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, as a new Pentecost for believers and seekers in Western New York.



You may find this time table helpful in preparing yourself and your faith communion for receiving the Third Edition of the Roman Missal or RM3.

 Roman Missal, Third Edition

The World Library edition of the Roman Missal, Third Edition, will be available in October 2011. Click on Resources for more information and pertinent resources.




Dialogue singing: preferred form of music at Mass

Primitive 11th Century notation for Mass in a Dubrovnic missal

Primitive 11th Century notation for Mass in a Dubrovnic missal

Chant summons to contemplative participation (SL2008, 72).

Dialogue singing between priest/deacon/cantor and assembly is the preferred worship music at Mass. In second place of honor are acclamations and Psalm responsories (SL2008, 115, 116, MS1967, 29-31).


Children's Catechesis on Mass

Children enjoy taking part in MassTake time to teach youngsters to sing the dialogue responses. You may be surprised when they start leading the adults.

Practicing dialogue singing directly connects children to sacred liturgy. Better yet, it is a way they personally encounter Jesus in group celebration. Children easily learn to respond with priest, deacon, or lector (much preferred to "kiddy" performance/entertainment songs). It makes them feel a part of every Mass. They feel special. Mass is not usually made for kids, however children who know the dialogue responses which repeat in all worship celebrations naturally are bonded to the Mass. Many-a-time it captures their distracted attention. Singing dialogues with ordained ministers will remain as a strong memory in their hearts for life. These sounds and memories may even bring them back when they stray later in life. Filling childrens' minds with happy memories of them participating with the priest, deacon and other ministers during Church liturgies is one of the main goals of catechesis. Regular, sustained communal participation will push aside images of violent cartoons or "terminator-type" computer games. As Feodor Dostoyevsky said, "At least one good memory can save us from despair."

Consult the following sites, select, and download practice sessions:
Other Mass parts too! 

Exploring the Mass
There are three sub-sections:

Scriptural Foundations
This section provides the texts of The Last Supper, Passion and Death, Resurrection, Emmaus, and Ascension which are presented in a visually reflective manner, both in video and illustrative formats.

Paschal Mystery PowerPoint Presentation
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