Pastoral Planning

In every age the Church fulfills its great commission by responding to the spiritual hungers of God's people. This Diocese has experienced what could be the largest restructuring in the history of the American Catholic Church. Whether or not a particular parish has directly experienced structural change the religious landscape for parishes has shifted dramatically. Successful  parishes are responsive to the audiences of a new religious landscape.

Now is the time to take strategic steps forward to insure parish vitality. Churches set on thriving, and not just surviving, are becoming strategic about parish purpose and plans. Strategic planning may involve rethinking old assumptions.  It may change the way a parish operates. But parishes willing to think strategically, and act boldly will find new partners in the work of the Gospel. No matter what lies ahead, these parishes will thrive. The Diocese of Buffalo will help interested parishes take the next steps forward on this path.


Pastoral Planning Survey

(Sample Survey Report)

Parish Listening Session

Parish Cafe: A Process for Listening and Planning

A Process for Engaging Change

Exit Interview



Sharing Best Practices - Toward Parish Cooperation

Leadership in Multi-site or Parish Clusters

Partner Parishes

Parish vitality does not just happen.  It is the result of strategic choices.