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  Office of Pro-Life/Pastoral Ministries 
(Family Life, Mother Teresa Home, Office of Cultural Diversity, Office of Worship, Pro-Life, St. Gianna Centers)

795 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14203 
Phone: (716) 847-2205 | Fax: (716) 847-2206

Regular Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 
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This office implements the four legs of the U.S. Catholic Bishops Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Ministry through education, legislation, pastoral care and prayer.  This office advocates for the sacredness of all human life from conception until natural death, and responds to threats to life.  It is our hope to build a "Culture of Life" that respects and protects all life particularly the most vulnerable the unborn, persons with disabilities, the elderly, and the terminally ill. 


The Office of Pro-Life Ministry was founded in December of 1975 by the most Reverend Edward D. Head, D.D. and coordinates endeavors of the >Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Ministry authored by the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops). activating the Church, its people and its institutions in a 4-pronged program in defense of human life through education, pastoral care , public policy and prayer. All activities are legal and subject to the approval of church guidelines. Public Information / Pastoral Care / Public Policy / Prayer & Worship (...continued Mission Statement)

USCCB - March 2, 2021

U.S. Bishop Chairmen for Doctrine and for Pro-Life Address the Use of the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine

Cheryl Calire's Statement for Channel 7
In line with the USCCB, Executive Director of Pastoral Ministries for the Diocese of Buffalo, Cheryl Calire has emphasized; “ As Catholics, if we have a choice, we should be choosing the two dose Pfizer or Moderna at this time, however, people need to form their conscience and consult with their physician for their own personal circumstances. In addition, we should continue to encourage pharmaceutical companies to stop the use of abortion derived fetal cell lines. It is morally permissible to be vaccinated, based on the alternatives given.”


 Catholic Marriage Preparation

  • Deacon Mark & Linda Hooper, Lake View
    (716) 627-4566 or (716) 474-9509
  • Deacon Chris & Caroline Privitera – St. Vincent de Paul, Niagara Falls (716) 283-2715 X200 Monday-Thursday 9am-3pm
  • Online course "Living Our Faith in Love"  Catholic Marriage Preparation 
  • Spanish online course (curso en línea en Español) Preparación Matrimonial Católica

 For more information you can contact: or 716-847-2205.   

Office of Pro-Life Ministries - Telephone Hotline Numbers

Unplanned Pregnancy, Abortion Alternatives & Healing (716) 847-2211
St. Gianna Pregnancy Outreach Centers ~Helping Mothers, Fathers & Families in Need~

     -Buffalo & Cheektowaga Area    (716) 842-BABY (2229) 
     -Cattaraugus Area  (716) 842-2229
     -Chautauqua Area  (716) 401-3324 
     -Niagara Area         (716) 299-7040

     -Project Rachel - Post Abortion Reconciliation - Unplanned Pregnancy (716) 847-2211
     -Mother Teresa Home (716) 424-0217

Office of Pro-Life/Pastoral Ministries Staff: (716) 847-2205
             Cheryl Calire                                      
  Executive Director of Ministries                                 
     *St. Gianna Pregnancy Outreach Center
     *Project Rachel Ministry
     *Sidewalk Advocates for Life
     *Mother Teresa Home
     *Family Life (Marriage Preparation)
     *Cultural Diversity Office
     *Office of Worship
Deacon Michael Ficorilli              Miriam Escalante
          Clergy                            Executive Assistant of Ministries
St. Gianna Pregnancy Outreach Staff: (716) 842-2229
Deacon Timothy Chriswell       Cheryl Zielen-Ersing        Maren Lelonek
           Clergy                                Coordinator                Assist. Coordinator
 Mother Teresa Home Staff: (716) 424-0217
 Deacon Mark Hooper               Olivia Giza
            Clergy                            Coordinator
Office of Cultural Diversity: (716) 847-2212
    Yoharis Montanez
 Administrative Assistant


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