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We welcome you to this site and hope that you find it beneficial. We have included information for both those with general questions about the process as well as information for those who have more specific questions to be answered. This site is designed to help you understand the Role of the Tribunal, in particular for marriage cases. If you cannot find the information you seek at this site, please call your local parish to speak with a priest, deacon or case sponsor.

The mission of the Diocesan Tribunal of the Diocese of Buffalo is to provide justice for all persons who approach the Church's court system. This mission is fulfilled through the rendering of judgments concerning people's rights and obligations as well as their status in the Church. Such judgments seek to discern the truth about a matter and then seeks to initiate solutions that provide justice based upon the law of the Scriptures, the Magisterial Teaching of the Church, and the Code of Canon Law.

The Diocese of Buffalo would no longer charge fees related to the annulment process.

The Diocesan Tribunal is also the forum in which the judicial authority of the bishop is exercised. It is responsible for investigating and adjudicating matters that need to be resolved according to the norms and procedures established by the Scriptures, the Magisterial Teaching of the Church and the Code of Canon Law.

We invite you to read about the marriage nullity procedures in Msgr. Manganello's Letter.

Official English translation of Pope Francis' Apostolic Letter, motu proprio,-Libreria Editrice Vaticana

Translation by the Canon Law Society of America

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